Friday, May 27, 2011

Baby Cakes, Creme De Menthe, OMG

Reminds us of those minty pastel candies. Yummmm!

Creme De Menthe

We just can't get enough of this color right now!

Apple For Teacher

Bright White + Diamonds + Fimo Apple = Smart nail art. 
Cute for teacher : )

Smelling Good Around These Offices

Ahh we love the smell of Nag Champa! What do you use to mask your nail polish scented space? LOL!

Disco Tips

So we wore these to a night club and it was the most sparkly French tip I've ever seen! 
Light was bouncing off them everywhere! 
(We almost needed sunglasses.)

In Love

Absolutely loved wearing this simple striped design. Got so many compliments!

The French Manicure Just Got a Little More Interesting

15 awesome colors to compliment the French manicure. Do you have a favorite?

Weekend Dots

Having fun with dots again! Color: Weekend

Kiwi Melon

Ok, where is the blender? This is making me thirsty!

Pink Camoflauge

In the nail trenches, you have to be equipped with the proper camo!

Sharp ;)

Just having fun with it.

Lion Queen

This was silly but fun to do. More animals to come!

Fun Summer Water Marble

H20 Marbling is fun! (NOT) -but cute and worth the pain.

Pink Lemonade

Color: Kinky + Bay of Angels
Inspired by little girls with lemonade stands everywhere :)

Striping Up Conversation

Love a striped nail job. Don't you?

Not Necessarily the News

Color: She's So Shy
Newspaper nails are fun to do. We think we'll try this again!

Jeweled French Tip Dip

Is this the most beautiful French Tip Dip kit you've ever seen?

South Beach Collection (2008)

Yep. We had the name first.

We Do Color

Love playing with colors? We do too. All colors $2.49

Don't be a Victim

How many of you have ended up looking like this after a couple of weeks?

Results Matter :)

Quick French Tip Dip for a picture! 5 minutes. Done.

Our polish works as hard as you do.

Just a few stripes today.

Tropic Stripe

Created the flowers with the French Tip Dip tool.

Juicy Sparkle!

Marbled by hand.

Popcorn Love

Anything but ordinary.

Peek -A- Boo

Energy + Platinum with blue dots and yellow flat hex.

Pink Fade Sparkle

Loved wearing these. Lots of compliments on these. 
Let's try another color!